2020 GMI Tele-Verifications

Updated: Jul 29

Because of COVID-19, several motor service centers have informed us they will NOT allow visitors in their offices or shop-floor. We certainly understand. We do not want to inadvertently spread the virus from company to company as we conduct in-person onsite verifications or bring it home to our families.

As an alternative this year, we will be conducting Green Motor Initiative (GMI) electronic onsite “tele-verifications” using current camera/voice technology (e.g. Skype, FaceTime), much like tele-medicine. Having a long history with these companies, many going back to 2002 and all of them over the last four years, we’re confident tele-verifications will be an effective and safe alternative.

There are two instances where GMI tele-verification will not be used:

1) If a motor service center has had compliancy issues recently and,

2) No NEW motor service centers will be eligible.

EASA Accreditation onsite audits are now allowed. We'll post a blog covering the change soon. Until then go to our Webpage under Accreditation/Accreditation-location" for details.

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