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Green Motor Initiative (GMI) offers electric utility energy efficiency incentives


GMI, beginning in 2008, was the first of its' kind initiative offering participating electric utility financed energy efficiency incentives to electric motor end-use customers of GMI verified member service centers.  Motors rewound to GMI or EASA Accreditation processes return to their original manufactured nominal efficiency values. We call a "Green Rewind".

The Green Motor Initiative (GMI) provides:

  • Yearly technical/program assessments of member electric motor service centers including:

    • Repair and rewind processes with emphasis on electrical efficiency retention and operation reliability;

    • Instrument and equipment calibration/functionality;

    • Review of relevant necessary Program documentation;

    • Click for GMPG Repairing Specification;

  • Electric utilities with a ready to go turn-key energy saving initiative;

    • Program operation fees are performance based (per kWh savings), or a fixed monthly fee;

    • Participating member motor service centers receive a no charge yearly technical assessment and;

    • $2 per HP for qualifying rewound three phase motors from 15 HP to 5,000 HP, and are required to pay half to;

    • Customer end-users with a 1$ per HP instant rebate deducted from their rewind invoice, attributed to the utility benefactor 


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Good news for electric motor end-users, using EASA Accredited motor service centers utilizes third party technical assessments  as well, resulting in enhanced high-level quality electric motor repair/rewinding much like GMI. EASA Accredited companies can be found in your area and throughout the World. Here's a link to EASA Accredited service centers.


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