EASA Accreditation

A very specific electromechanical audit process.

EASA’s Accreditation process is the only long-term market funded audit offering (we believe) covering extensively both electrical and mechanical aspects of the electric motor service industry.


EASA's foundation for Accreditation was derived from the following publications:

      1. EASA/ANSI AR100-2015 (soon to be 20019) repair specification;

      2. The Effect of Repair/Rewinding on Motor Efficiency (EASA/AEMT Rewind Study and Good Practice Guide to Maintain Motor



The EASA Accreditation Program was announced June 30, 2014 at EASA's Boston International Convention. Now, coming up on six years, EASA Accreditation has reached a tipping point in multiple markets. In other words, when an area motor service center markets and delivers motor end-users recognized EASA Accreditation compliant repaired and/or rewound electric motors—Other area service centers become EASA Accreditation Members to compete.


Our Green Motor Initiative (GMI) and EASA Accreditation programs operate within GMPG independently of one-another. Obtaining one does not necessarily include the other, as GMI requires yearly onsite audits and EASA Accreditation, with more stringent requirements, runs on a three-year cycle with two of the cycle years having self-audits.


GMI Background: The initiative was conceived in 2004 and developed with the help of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) to bring about “market transformation” placing a high value on energy efficiency and reliability retention when electric motors are rewound. Some-time in the future, GMI will be replaced by EASA Accreditation, thereby successfully completing NEEA’s 2004 electric motor repair market transformation goal.

By the way, the Green Motors Practices Group, continues to be the number one EASA Accreditation audit firm. Of the five audit firms Worldwide, we've provided two-thirds of the EASA Accreditation audits to date!

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