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Website updated 3/15/2020

EASA Accreditation Onsite Audit Locations by Green Motor Practices Group

(Travel may be adjusted due to corona virus)

Bundle your Accreditation technical onsite assessment and Save! Our likely locations follow:

2020 Second Quarter 

  • Southeastern US

  • South-Central US

  • Western Canada

2020 Third Quarter 

  • Northern Midwest

  • Central California

  • Pacific Northwest

  • Mexico

2020 Fourth Quarter 

  • Pacific Northwest

  • South-Central US

  • Northern California

  • Western Canada

2021 First Quarter 

  • Mid-South USA

  • Southwest USA

  • Southern California

We're all about reducing EASA Accreditation client costs, from travel, to inhouse calibration assistance, and more. For example, a single onsite audit travel might cost $1,000. If combined or bundled with another nearby EASA Accreditation visit the cost is reduced by half or $500 each, if three sites $333, and four visits in one trip reduces onsite travel costs to $250 each.

(Individual trip costs will vary)