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EASA Accreditation Onsite Audit Locations by Green Motor Practices Group

(Travel may be adjusted due to corona virus)

We're all about reducing EASA Accreditation costs, from travel, to inhouse calibration assistance, and more. If your EASA Accreditation is an “initial” onsite audit evaluation, contact us and we’ll give you a not to exceed all-inclusive quotation. If you’re not in a hurry, we’ll try and match you with another initial in-person onsite audit, significantly reducing travel costs.

If “renewing”, effective June 23, 2020, EASA announced “renewal” onsite audits may be conducted in-person or remotely using virtual technology on a permanent basis. We’ve been offering our GMI clients virtual onsite audits since April 2020. We now offer remote onsite Accreditation “renewal” audits to any already accredited service centers at a greatly reduced price. Contact us for a flat-rate, all-inclusive EASA Accreditation complete three-year cycle price.

Note: EASA reserves the right to rescind virtual (remote) renewal onside audits.

Click for a virtual EASA Accreditation onsite audit reference

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