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EASA Accreditation Testimonials

Trinidad and Tobago


“Qualitech was extremely satisfied with the professionalism and prompt response from Dennis Bowns at Green Motors, from our initial inquiry to the very end of the EASA Accreditation Audit. His knowledge and experience spoke volumes, as his suggestions to further improve our facility were very much appreciated and welcomed.” 


Deepak N. Lall,

Qualitech Machining Services Limited.

EASA Accreditation remote or "virtual" onsite audit​

With the changes in response to COVID-19, we had the pleasure of conducting our EASA Accreditation renewal audit with GMPG virtually!  It was evident that lots of planning and preparation went into developing the online accreditation process.  The remote software was user friendly and easy to understand.  It provided an easy way to share all required documents and calibration records.  I highly, recommend doing your renewal audit process virtually!!  Not only was it a seamless process, but it was a cost-effective solution as well. 

Jared Heiman,

Rotek Services


Atlanta, Georgia

"We recommend GMPG to any service center seeking EASA accreditation.  Our auditor shared a wealth of industry knowledge and guided us through the process, from start to finish, follow up and ensuring our company’s successful accreditation.   GMPG’s auditor took the time to understand the needs of our shop and provided us with impeccable service and support.  Their professionalism and expertise transformed a seemingly insurmountable tedious endeavor into a straightforward, informative, and rewarding process.  We are grateful for GMPG and the quality work they do!"

Chelsea Campbell

Cole ElectricTechnology

From a Maryland Motor Service Center

"On behalf of Apparatus Repair and Engineering, thank you for the exceptional service your company provided in the independent evaluation of our company and procedures based upon the EASA Accreditation Process. We found your company to be very informative, comprehensive and impartial throughout the entire procedure. We look forward to working with you in the future to maintain our AC electric motor repair process and EASA Accreditation standards."


Kevin J Miller

Apparatus Repair and Engineering


A Chicago area motor service center said:

"Thank you for your help with EASA Accreditation!!!! I am so glad we chose GMPG as our auditor."

Meghan Mullen

Apex Industrial Automation LLC,

Service Manager

Another Chicago area motor service center:

"Thanks for doing your auditing as you do.  We gained from this process not only from our pre-audit but even more so from GMPG auditor’s comments on our process.  Even though we thought we did a good job in our repair process, this audit process and the auditor’s personal efforts made us even better.”

George Flolo,

The Flolo Corporation



San Diego, CA


“It was a pleasure to meet and work with you as you conducted our EASA Accreditation audit. Our Company is grateful for your time, as the audit was truly a positive and great experience. Your electric motor repair expertise reaffirmed there are SPECIAL and talented people who care about our industry. WOW, what a good feeling it is to be a part of EASA!!! THANKS!!!!!” 


Bob Cordova

Advanced Air Vacuum Pump & Motor

Electric Motor Division Supervisor

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