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Green Motor Initiative and EASA Accreditation Opportunities, if for:

Motor Service Centers

  • Improve repair processes and quality;

  • Participating utility rewind incentives;

  • Standout from “good enough” competitors

Electric Utilities

  • Efficiency measure for 3Ø motor users;

  • Regional Technical Forum Approved ;

  • Motor and VFD training available

EASA Accreditation

  • Serves  service centers and utilities 

  • Market funded 3rd party oversite

  • Available Worldwide

EASA Accrerditation Webinar.jpg

NEW EASA Rewind Study 2020

Webinar, December 22, 2020.

Sponsored by Green Motors Practices Group,

making the Webinar FREE for EASA Members, 

while Non-Members pay only $199

The original EASA/AEMT rewind study, published in 2003, focused on electric motors with common efficiencies of that time. The NEW Rewind Study 2020, evaluates currently manufactured premium efficient (IE3) motors, thereby bridging the 2003 to 2020 efficiency gap.

During our EASA Accreditation onsite audits and GMI verifications, we often refer to the original 2003 Study, highlighting best practices to retain originally manufactured electric motor efficiencies and reliability. When helpful, a copy of the 2003 study is left with the EASA Accreditation or GMI service center candidate. When it becomes available, the NEW Rewind Study 2020 will be utilized. Get a jump on your next onsite EASA Accreditation and/or GMI audit by attending this December, 2020 Webinar.

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