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Providing Utility Rewind Incentives & EASA Accreditation (sanctioned) Audits

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  • We offer EASA Accreditation and GreenMotors auditing, assuring electric utilities, motor service centers, and their customer's, that identified repair or rewound three phase electric motors retain original efficiencies and reliability;
  • Our EASA Accreditation and Green Motor Initiative auditors have years of firsthand motor service center shop-floor and management experience;


  • We are a non-profit corporation, governed by volunteer electric motor service center executives intent upon the continual improvement of the electric motor repair industry.

Ask us for a no-cost, no-obligation, NOT TO EXCEED remote renewal estimate.

Balance Machine Check

Inhouse calibration of some electric motor service center equipment makes sense. If for a formal EASA Accreditation audit or just peace of mind, the ability to check equipment or instrument results is a great value.

Shop-Fab Growler

Electric motor service centers are capable innovators and fabricators. Here's an example of a growler built out of a scrap AC motor lamination. Click below to request more information.

Webmaster E-mail: info@greenmotors.org          Location: Boise, ID USA       Phone: 208-322-6999

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