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Website updated 1/13/2020

Welcome to the new Green Motors Practices Group Website

Proudly Providing EASA Accreditation (sanctioned) Audits

Green Motors Practices Group 

Craftsmen Saving Energy... and more    

  • We offer GreenMotors and EASA Accreditation auditing, assuring electric motor service centers and their end-user electric motor customer's, that identified repair or rewound three phase electric motors retain original efficiencies and reliability;
  • Our Green Motor Initiative and EASA Accreditation auditors have years of firsthand motor service center shop-floor and management experience;


  • We are a non-profit corporation, governed by volunteer electric motor service center executives intent upon the greater good of our industry.
Thanks to our utility and EASA Accreditation audit clients, we donated 60,000 airline miles to "Make-A-Wish" December, 2018. We appreciate everyone's business and look forward to doing it again in 2019.

Ask us for a no-cost, no-obligation, NOT TO EXCEED estimate.

Webmaster E-mail: info@greenmotors.org

Location: Boise, ID USA

Phone: 208-322-6999

Balance Machine Check

Inhouse calibration of some electric motor service center equipment makes sense. If for a formal EASA Accreditation audit or just peace of mind, the ability to check equipment or instrument results is a great value.

Shop-Fab Growler

Electric motor service centers are capable innovators and fabricators. Here's an example of a growler built out of a scrap AC motor lamination. Click below to request more information.

Power Generation