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        An EASA Accreditation Sanctioned Audit Firm

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 Craftsmen Saving Energy... and more                             

  • EASA sanctioned third party audits assure motor service center customer's that identified repair or rewound three phase motors meet or exceed the industry standard ANSI/EASA AR100-2015;


  • All of our onsite audits are conducted by experienced auditors with years of firsthand shop-floor experience;


  • We are a non-profit corporation governed by volunteer electric motor leaders.

  • Thanks to our audit clients, we donated 60,000 airline miles to Make-A-Wish in December, 2018. Let's do it again in 2019.


The Green Motor Initiative (GMI) is the first of its kind offering electric motor rewinding incentives. Learn more

What our clients say about their EASA Accreditation audits. Checkout a few quotes.

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